Our Adoption Policy

We have a policy for adopting animals from Farplace Animal Rescue.

photo of catCAT FACE

Content of Our Policy

We have a policy of checking potential homes prior to adoption.  This is to protect the animals we have rescued, and to offer advice and support.

If you are interested in adopting an animal from Farplace, please email jan@farplace.org.uk for an adoption application form or fill the form in here. Filling in a form does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt a particular animal.

We prefer to treat every potential home individually.  Homes with small children will need to show us how they will protect our animals from injury from over-enthusiastic toddlers, for example.

We recommend that new carers get insurance to help with veterinary costs, and register your new friend with a vet as soon as possible.

All cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats etc are neutered prior to adoption.  If the animal is too young to neuter, we ask that the new carer gets this done as soon as their vet says they are old enough.

All cats, dogs, and ferrets are microchipped prior to adoption.  Rabbits who live in outside enclosures, can also be microchipped.  We ask new carers to notify the microchip company of any changes of address or phone numbers.

If any Farplace animal needs to be rehomed for whatever reason, we ask that you contact Farplace first.



For horses, please see our Equine Fostering Scheme