No Kill Rescue

We believe firmly in the principle of NO KILL ANIMAL RESCUE.

Photo of cat at Farplacechickens at Farplace




Looking at examples from around the World, we believe this can be achieved by developing the following principles…

  • Use of Foster Carers as well as our own centre(s) to care for animals that are injured or traumatised, sick, elderly or infant, unless in a vet’s opinion there is no chance of survival
  • A dedicated commitment from all our Animal Care Staff to commit to lifesaving policies and procedures and to encourage other charities and rescue centres to follow suit
  • Adoption visits and assessment to be 7 days a week and out of normal working hours to facilitate more adoption success
  • Developing preventative programmes to reduce the number of animals needing rescue, for example, our staff giving advice and support on dealing with problem behaviour and our Pet Friendly Landlord Scheme 
  • Releasing rehabilitated wildlife to its native environment and creating more habitat to facilitate this using our environmental programme
  • Using specialist behaviourists to help difficult animals recover from behavioural and medical issues
  • Recruitment of online and offline volunteers to become ambassadors for our adoption programme, and using our shop network to promote animals needing a home from both our own and other rescues
  • Active neutering programme for feral cats, development of subsidised neutering programmes and education of the public on the need to neuter 
  • Campaigning against breed specific legislation and other unfair rules that penalise particular animals not based on their behaviour
  • To only ever consider putting to sleep when a vet has determined that an animal is suffering irremediably