Our Vision

It is our vision to create a network of NO KILL rescue centres around the UK and, eventually, beyond, all on the same strict principles.  We have begun with our UK first rescue centre that takes animals from around the UK and Ireland, specialising in more difficult cases like FIV+ cats.

Photo of guinea pigPhoto of catPhoto of Harry Brown rabbit


Vision Statement

Farplace Animal Rescue has a vision to help nonhuman animals in need anywhere on the planet where our funds can best make a difference to other species. Environmentally we want to protect habitat and impact on global warming and reduce harm by actively promoting a vegan lifestyle.

We will actively engage with partner organisations to help achieve this vision and look for innovative solutions that will help human and nonhuman animals to both thrive on our precious planet. We will develop vegan events and trading to both generate funds to help nonhuman animals directly and support sustainability. We will deliver a mixture of direct services, campaigns to achieve these objectives and funding to others who share this vision, depending what is appropriate in every country we operate.