Imp and Patty

Imp and Patty

Imp and Patty are two horses both aged 17 rescued by Farplace Animal Rescue.  We rescued them from slaughter late in 2017 and are looking for a new home where they will stay together and not be ridden.  In their past, they have been beaten and, as a result, they do need to be sedated to have their hooves treated.  They need a special loving home.  Their last home was in the North West and they were rescued at the last moment.  They now have a five acre field to themselves and will be safe at Farplace Animal Rescue until a permanent loving home can be found.  Farplace is very happy to have been able to save these two girls and they are a delight for all staff, volunteers and visitors to the rescue, although they do sometimes decide the grass is nicer in part of the field rather than coming to see anyone who wants to give them treats.



  • Lots of fresh hay and a bucket of the best food
  • Peppermint treats occasionally
  • Neck rubs when they feel like it



  • People touching their legs
  • Change of routine
  • Visitors who do not have a suitable treat for them


Adopting Imp and Patty

If you would like Imp and Patty to join your family, email for an adoption form and explain what these two beautiful girls would mean to you.  Please list the facilities you would be able to offer them in terms of grazing, stabling, etc and also confirm that you would not be wanting to ride them.  Include full contact details so Jan can get in touch.  Details of any current vet would be useful as we vet check if you do have a current vet.  We always home check new homes for all the animals in our care now.

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